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Have your favourite photo or portrait etched within a block of crystal glass

Size Shape Price
75x75mm Box 75 39.95
90x90mm Box 90 55.00
120x120mm Box 120 69.95
75x55mm Landscape 75 35.00
90x65mm Landscape 95 49.95
120x90mm Landscape 120 65.00
178x127mm Landscape 178 95.00
75x55mm Portrait 75 35.00
90x65mm Portrait 95 49.95
120x90mm Portrait 120 65.00
178x127mm Portrait 178 95.00
75mm Round 75 39.95
90mm Round 90 55.00
120mm Round 120 69.95

Ideal for businesses that wish to give staff personalized awards. We can create custom crystal with your businesses logo and staffs details. In addition you can have a logo in crystal on your repection area or as a name plate for a very important guest.

All Crystals are processed on a 28 day turnaround. You dont even need to visit us, email file in to us at sales@fujiimage.co.uk and we ship to your door. If your image is on a negative post it to us with your details & we can post your crystal back, Post & Packing is £3-50.
243 Fleet Road, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 3BN 01252 819191