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The scanning is performed on the Fuji Frontier 570 scanner which has the ability to produce high quality scans up to 5400x3600 pixels. This scanner has one of the industry leading dust and scratch removal.

Scanning Resolutions:

  • REGULAR - 1800x1200
  • MEDIUM - 2700x1800
  • HIGH - 3600x2400
  • VERY HIGH - 4500x3000
  • EXTRA HIGH - 5400x3600

Images are supplied on CDROM/DVD with colour corrected & original versions

Special Offer
Half Price Scanning
Minimum 500 frames between 2nd Week of January & Easter
Please contact us by email or telephone to discuss the options for this service. We will be happy to receive scanning orders via post. Note that once we have received your slides or negatives we will give you a quote for the length of time we will need to scan the work.

NOTE: Uncut rolls of film are scanned at a discount to the cut negatives because this reduces the time taken for the scanning process.

Bulk Print Scanning Service
Digital versions of old photos

Prices start at £100 for 1000 photos, call to ask about our shoe box service.

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